August 15, 2018

5 Basketball Workout Drills That Will Elevate Your Game in a Week

In the basketball court, tough opponent is not the biggest challenge. The main problem is fatigue, as it can lead to poor judgement and can breakdown your overall strength and that will result into bad decision making. So to make your performance better, you need to practice basketball workout drills that can be useful to elevate your game. There are many basketball workout drills that you can choose. Practicing every day can make you better that most of the players in no time.

Many basketball workout drills focus on specific skills and other drills improve your hand movements and some can be useful for quicker performance. But to be a pro player, you need to improve your overall movements and perform better in every possible way. You should be able to dribble without first thinking about it and make faster decisions about the opponent defense. All of this is possible if you follow a proper drill plan. Visual illustrations are always easier to understand, so you can watch these basketball drill videos. These videos are having the best basketball workout drills that will elevate your game in a week. Here are 5 basketball workout drills that will elevate your game in a week.

Free Throws

Free throws are not as simple as it sounds. It is very tough practice drill as it requires consistency, precision and all above, practice is very important for this drill. But you need to avoid this drill if you are recovering from any injury or having some fitness issues. If you are feeling winded before game and your legs are feeling rubbery, this workout drill can refresh you. Start by running from one end of the basketball court to the other end of the court and back. Now take up to 5 free throws and do a sprint whenever you miss a ball. It will get you ready for upcoming game and you can repeat as many sets needed. Basketball drill videos can demonstrate it better and you can follow the guidance in a better way.

Wall Tennis Ball Drills

Basketball game is all about quick judgement and fast reactions. If you are not quick enough to tackle the prompt attacks then you need to work on your skills and be a better and quicker one. Wall tennis ball drills are one of the most difficult drills as tennis balls bounce very quickly and you cannot see the tennis ball till it has reached at your face. To catch the ball, you have to move quickly and react faster. This drill can teach you how to react when your opponent is trying to steal the ball from you. If you master this basketball workout drill, you are going to perform 90% quicker and better.

Blindfolded Dribbling

Cover your eyes with any cloth or wrap a cloth around your head as a blindfold, or you could basically close your eyes…no looking. You need to dribble the basketball for at least up to one minute. This drill will encourage you to improve your material feeling of the ball. You can perform this workout drill in any basketball court. To make the basketball workout drill significantly all the more difficult, attempt power dribbling with two balls at a time, one in each hand, while being blindfolded and gradually strolling around a basketball court.

Wall Passes

Many players don’t focus much on the art of passing but you need to remember that it is very important as the way, in which you pass the ball to your team mates, can totally change the game. Good passing is very important for better chances of victory. Mark a point on the wall and try to hit that point to make your passing more precise and accurate. Try to hit so hard that ball will bounce back to you. It will enable you to do better passing during match.

Squat Jump

While you are working out in a gym or in a court, you need to squat as you need to jump and explode to improve your jumping skill. Focus on your jumps and try to make it better with each jump and you will see the results in less than a week.