August 15, 2018

Top 10 Bling Sports Players

The Footy Boots Top Bling record shows the particular players which like their particular football boots being like their particular cars, timepieces and females: flashy, shiney and also bling-tastic!

Who dons his Bling being a badge regarding honour and who was simply the authentic godfather regarding Bling? Only our own list can inform you whose boot styles exude decadence and also wealth : so allow the Bling Commence!

10. Lee Dixon : What the particular Bling Has been That?

Arsenal opponent Dixon found a fine fee regarding wearing Brook’s sports boots (technically called “wellingtons”), in his initial game sporting them, have scored an very own goal regarding exceptional top quality as this individual lobbed his / her back complete over keeper Seaman coming from 30 meters out. Develop the Bling was worth every penny. Dixon shows that at times players set da bling-bling just before everything!

9. Lionel Messi – Another Big Bling

Widely touted because the next Maradona, Messi takes on for Barcelona yet Inter Milan have got rumoured to own offered £71 million to get a transfer, which may see his / her Bling stage rise for the Bling with the World!

8. Stan Bowles : Lord with the Blings

The maverick player with the seventies, cheekily experimented with to protected twice the particular sponsorship funds by sporting one Gola sports boot then one Adidas sports boot with an England video game against Netherlands in 1978. The particular England superstar enjoyed any rock superstar lifestyle, blowing well over a quarter of your millions weight on gambling though remains inside the public eye being a football pundit and also bling-tastic function model.

7. Mike Ball : Vintage Bling

Sixties player who was simply the initial player to be able to wear white-colored football boots in the beginning of the particular 1970/71 time of year. They were created by Hummel, yet Ball failed to like these… “To become honest lads we were holding crap, just like cardboard, therefore i got the particular young apprentices to be able to paint my own Adidas sports boots white-colored. It has been great, till 1 day it rained as well as the black emerged through. A not necessarily too content watching Hummel representative saw just what I’d done therefore i said goodbye for the two fantastic. ”

6. Frank Lampard : Bling Kong!

Wears customized Adidas Predator boots along with his name and also team amount stitched directly into them. Unconfirmed accounts claim that is so Lampard is aware which sports boots is supposed to be to your pet. We can concur that stories in which Lampard even offers an “L” and also an “R” sewed into his / her football boots are definitely, absolutely, positively incorrect as Frank has identified his from the comfort of left for a number of months today.

5. Djibril Cissé : A Bling of several Colours

Mis-firing striker Cisse any time playing regarding Liverpool, once arrived in strange coloured boot styles. He altered after 50 percent time in to a matching couple but into lime green football boot styles. Known to improve his head of hair colour since easily since his sports boot coloring. Backs the on the particular field bling along with his H2 Hummer together with Louis Vuitton internal.

4. Francesco Totti : Signor Bling

Following your World Pot finals, Diadora made the Maximus France Gold Specific Limited Model football shoe, an all-gold sports boot for your World Pot Winner which usually when used, needs being viewed powering sunglasses in order to avoid the too much glare and also shine.

3. George Finest – Godfather regarding Bling

Best was the maximum player regarding his generation so when the initial football millionaire, set the typical for the present day players often. The Stylo ‘George Best’ sports boot appeared to be a couple of bowling shoes or boots, with any white stripe coming from top to be able to toe about each part. His wine lifestyle and also love with the Bling at some point took over from your football, slicing his job short.

a couple of. Ronaldinho : Prince regarding Bling

Ronaldinho acquired two specific pairs regarding football boot styles containing ten ounces regarding 24-carat rare metal with genuine 24-carat gold placed on the Nike emblem. The sports boots include a gold padded letter “R” and also number 10, the particular shirt Ronaldinho dons for Barcelona, even though the heel with the football shoe is embossed together with five rare metal stars inside honour regarding Brazil’s several FIFA Planet Cup benefits.

1. Jesse Beckham : King regarding Bling

They expense him about £600 every pair and also he wears a fresh pair each game. Adidas have got made simply 723 pairs and only in his / her size. He’s got even acquired feng shui emblems sewn directly into his sports boots in the bid to boost his sports performance.

The style which he helped with, is strongly according to David’s fascination with Eastern mystic tradition, saying “I’m extremely proud to be able to wear these kinds of football boots since they represent thinking about yin and also yang. inches

They are usually personalised together with stitching with the names regarding his a few children, his / her initials, his favoured number 12 and Beckham’s published signature for your ultimate Bling aspect.

Beckham set the Bling-Bling directly into football boot styles as no-one has completed before and also he reigns supreme because the King regarding Bling.