Free Football Livescores, Formula1 Results & Cycling Races

ScoresPro is a free livescore service which covers live sports matches along with results, fixtures, standings & stats for 14 sports taking place all around the world. They began in 2004 and quickly became one of the most popular livescores websites worldwide! They are most well-known for their fantastic coverage of football & soccer leagues which include many hundreds of national football leagues along with football cups & 145 international football competitions including men’s, women’s & youth football competitions. In total their football leagues & cups take place in over 100 countries spanning across Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa, the Middle East & Australia.

Their most popular football leagues including the Premier League & Premiership in England & Scotland, La Liga & Primeira Liga in Spain & Portugal along with the Jupiler Pro League in Belgium, Eredivisie in Netherlands, Ligue 1 in France, Bundesliga in Germany & the Serie A in Italy to bring you all the football livescores, fixtures, standings, results & stats from all of Europe’s top football Leagues. They also cover non-European leagues like the MLS in the USA, Primera Division in Argentina & the Serie A in Brazil to bring you a complete picture from the world of football!

Not only does ScoresPro have excellent coverage of football but they also cover 14 other sports including F1 – Formula 1 Car Racing & the Tour de France Cycling tournament. Their F1 coverage is the most complete of any website I have been able to find and features all 21 Formula 1 races for the 2017 & 2018 seasons. You will be able to find all the race results for the 2017 season all the way from the Australian GP to the final GP in Abu Dhabi along with a huge in-depth set of race stats including a full drivers ranking from first place to last, how many points each driver received, where they started in the grid & more. Not only can you find all the race results but you can also see the first, second and third qualifying period results along with all the times from their practise sessions. For the 2018 season you will be able to see when all the races are scheduled to take place and once the race starts you will be able to see live results from every 2018 Formula 1 race!

Along with their fantastic F1 coverage I also enjoy their Tour de France Cycling Results. ScoresPro covers all 21 stages of the Tour de France and you can find not only race results from each route but information about the routes themselves such as their start & end point, the date at which they start, the distance & the type of route it belongs to such as hilly, mountain, flat & more. They not only have all the information from the latest 2017 race but also from all the past races and the races that are due to take place this year in 2018!

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